Black Friday

Black Friday is coming! 

You can prepare Thanksgiving or Christmas presents for friends and family early. Because of the proximity to the festival, there will inevitably be a backlog of goods, which will lead to longer shipping times than usual.

you can get 

1. 20% off for everything on the website, use code: Black 

2. amount you pay is over 320USD, you can get a free key ring as gift. 

   amount you pay is over 420USD, you can get a free wallet as gift. 

   amount you pay is over 580USD, you can get a free slipper as gift. 

   amount you pay is over 680USD, you can get a free belt as gift. 

   amount you pay is over 800USD, you can get a free scarf as gift. 

3. all order from my returnning customers, Thanks so much for your support! you will get a extra surprise gift

Notice: if you are confused about the details or order process, any questions , please feel free to ask me on whatsapp or email, Whatspp is easier to chat. 


           email: [email protected]